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7 Billion Actions Campaign

“7 Billion Actions”is a worldwide campaign to raise global awareness about the challenges and opportunities of living in a world of 7 billion people!  The Campaign addresses 7 key issues affecting mankind, such as poverty, gender inequality, the needs of young people, a rapidly ageing population, rapid urbanization, environmental degradation and protection, and reproductive health and rights. UNFPA leads the campaign with their global partners to commemorate the arrival of the 7thbillion global citizen on 31 October 2011. The “7 Billion Actions” campaign appeals to all to be an active part of the solution to global and local problems.

As part of “7 Billion Actions” Campaign, UNFPA Bangladesh had a series of events, focusing on attracting public awareness and media attention by reaching out to youth, students, parliamentarians, media, celebrities, academicians, civil servants.Some of the events organized were: rallies, a photo exhibition, an open air youth concert, a studio concert, various roundtables, TV talk shows, a documentary, radio broadcasts, bicycle rally, bus painting, cleaning actions, human chain by the National Youth Forum members, flash mob, debate competition, street drama, the celebration of the arrival of the first Bangladeshi baby on the Day of the 7 Billion, etc.

You can preview a video on challenges and opportunities in Asia in a world of 7 billion (low resolution version) at the following website:

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