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More Bangladesh Mothers Get Vital Care During Childbirth

More Bangladesh Mothers Get Vital Care During Childbirth 19 September 2011 MAULVIBAZAR, Bangladesh—When a woman in labour seeks her help, KanchanBala Roy is confident she can ensure a safe delivery. Therural health centre where she workswas recently equipped for deliveries, as part of a broad initiative to make childbirth in Bangladesh safer. Kanchan, a family welfare visitor, gotnew training; she now is better able to manage normal deliveries at the centre or in client .. Read More

Bangladesh Midwives

The birth of midwives in Bangladesh Despite significant progress in improving maternal mortality and reproductive health services inBangladesh (BMMS2010), serious short-falls remains in maternal health outcomes and access to services, particulary for poor women and in hard-to-reach areas. There is a growing international consensus on the critical role of midwives in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and sustaining the same. Recognizing the need for such a separate category .. Read More

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